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We at strive to provide the highest quality costumes at affordable prices. To ensure the highest level of service we require that all customers read and agree to the following guidelines. Receipt of payment from you, the customer, automatically signifies your agreement to the following terms:


Deadlines and Turnaround Times
A minimum of 8 weeks from time of payment to delivery is required for all cosplay commissions. For more complex costumes or during peak seasons (Spring and Summer) this turnaround time may be longer. Upon receiving your quote, we will provide an exact delivery date. We recommend ordering your costume as early as possible!

If you need your costume by a particular date, include this deadline in the quote request form. If we agree it is possible to complete your order and schedule delivery on or before this deadline, your first payment is required no more than 14 days (2 calendar weeks) after receiving your confirmation. This will ensure your order is immediately placed in queue. If payment is not received within 14 days, we cannot ensure that your deadline will be met. You may receive your order anytime before or on your designated deadline date. We recommend setting your deadline date at least one week prior to when you are traveling to your event.

Payment and Payment Plans
We accept the following forms of payment:
-money order
-credit card

*We can accept cash, but it’s at your own risk! We do not recommend it, and we will not be held responsible for money lost in the mail.

Paypal is a secure method of online payment. For those who do not wish to use Paypal, we can now accept payments from credit and debit cards (that contain Visa, Mastercard, or Discover logos). Details on how to pay by any of the aforementioned methods will be provided when we confirm your order.

We greatly appreciate and prefer payment in full within 14 days of receiving your confirmation. We understand that this is not always possible. To assist you in completing payment, we offer the following payment plan options:

* 1) Provide half of the total cost within 14 business days of receiving your confirmation and the remaining balance within 1 month of your costume delivery date.
* 2) If you require a more extended payment schedule, we are happy to break out the total cost of your costume in even payments leading up to one month prior to your costume delivery date. Please specify if you prefer making bi-weekly or monthly payments in the quote request form.

Please select that you would like to be considered for a payment plan in the quote request form. PAYMENT IN FULL MUST BE RECEIVED ONE MONTH BEFORE SHIPMENT OF ALL COSTUMES. You will receive a schedule in your confirmation and reminders prior to each payment due.

We do not typically send progress images of costumes as they are being made. The typical way we work is that we buy supplies right away for an outfit, and they sit in a queue waiting for their turn to be sewed. Once we get to it, it’s done in 2-3 days and we ship immediately upon completion, so it’s atypical for us to send progress pictures. If we do make something early, we’ll send you a progress pic, otherwise you can expect a full pic of the outfit closer to the deadline along with the tracking info.


Providing Accurate Measurements
All our cosplay commissions are made to order based on the measurements you provide. Taking extremely accurate measurements is crucial to ensuring a correct fit. USE ONLY OUR MEASUREMENT GUIDE! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask us! All measurement information is kept private. We cannot be responsible for costumes that do not fit correctly based on inaccurate measurements provided.


Providing Clear Reference Pictures
We rely on you to supply us with clear and detailed reference pictures for your costume. Failure to submit clear pictures may result in some details being lost. DO NOT send pictures of other cosplayers. We can only be sure of specific details of your costume by comparing to actual pictures of the character. We recommend providing a front, back and side picture of your character as well as any pictures of close up details you might have.


Fittings and Alterations
If you are local to Chicago, we welcome you to visit our studio for a measuring, fitting or photoshoot session! In the unlikely event that you need alterations made to you costume, do not hesitate to contact us. Custom-made garments sometimes require slight alterations. We do offer one complimentary alteration within 10 days of receipt of your costume, although long distance tailoring is extremely difficult. Often a local tailor or dry cleaner can make simple alterations such as hemming or taking in waist lines. Contact us immediately if you feel alterations should be made to your garment.


We do NOT accept returns or cancellations!
Due to the nature of our work and since each costume is specifically designed and constructed to your measurements, we are unable to accept returns, or cancel an order once you begin payments for it. We understand that the below circumstances are exceptions and may allow for compensation:

1. Your costume arrives damaged due to shipping – Email us immediately with photos of the damage so we can assess the situation within 10 days of receipt of your costume.

2. Your costume does not meet specifications – Email us immediately detailing the issue within 10 days of receipt of your costume. We may ask that the costume be returned for alteration. Fitting issues because the measurements you provided are inaccurate are not included, but may be handled for a small fee. Please refer to the Providing Accurate Measurement section for more information.

3. We miss your event deadline – In the unlikely event your costume is paid in full at least 1 month before delivery date and we are not able to complete your order prior to your event deadline you will be contacted by us. A solution will be established on a case to case basis. We are not responsible for activities or events outside of our control including but not limited to: missed delivery by carrier, packages lost by carrier, terrorist scare slowing delivery, a giant gorilla eating the post office, etc. As a reminder, we recommend ordering your costume as early as possible and setting your deadline date at least one week prior to the event especially if you are traveling to the destination you will be wearing your costume.

In all cases, please contact us immediately. We work hard to provide top quality costumes and great customer service. Note that all exchanges, compensation, and cases are handled at our discretion using our best judgment in the situation. In any event that a costume/items are being returned to us, they must be shipped by our customer, in a *completely* unused and unworn condition, within 10 days of receipt of these items.

In the case of customer being an irresponsible consumer –
Then we have no obligation to compensate in any form. This almost exclusively means a customer engaging in slanderous behavior against If the customer has expressed themselves to others or in a public forum in a slanderous way (especially in the case of them not contacting us when they have had a problem) then we have no obligation to help them because they have not conducted themselves in a mature manner. Any issue should be brought to our attention immediately, failure to do so negates your contract with us, and we have no obligation to assist you further.

A business has an obligation to provide their customer with good service and a good product – but a customer also has an obligation to be a good customer and deal with any complaints in a businesslike manner. This doesn’t mean we ban you from complaining if you really have a valid complaint, but if you have voiced your complaint in a severely negative manner, neglected to mention the otherwise attentive customer service we have given, or expressed exaggerated frustration or an exaggerated situation, then we do not have any obligation from that point on to continue to give you our good service.


Costume competition
No commission by should ever be entered into any competition for construction judging. This is because a construction award is given to people who have done the construction themselves.

We do allow you to enter a competition if you are competing for a skit award. If you are entering with a group of people who would like to be judged for construction you are REQUIRED to inform that judges that your outfit is a commission so that they may exclude you from the construction judging.

On this same subject, please be fair and don’t fib to anyone about your costume! :3 If someone claims to have made an outfit we made it usually gets back to us, and we will refuse any other commission work from them.


Quality standards and our right to refuse
We reserve the right to refuse your business or cancel your order at any time, should we feel that the commission is going to conflict with our standards of quality.

Please know ahead of time that we always strive to bring you the most accurate costume we can, but that there might be some differences between fabric choices and small details from costume to costume depending on availability of fabrics and access to better references. This means you may get something that varies slightly from an example that is already in the gallery.

Please make sure you have realistic expectations for your outfit. Large costumes, bodysuits, and any costume with armor is most likely going to take some time to get in and out of, and may require more caution in dressing than you may normally apply to every day ready to wear clothing. Please also note that in general formal wear, large costumes, and armored costumes, the items will be more cumbersome than your daily wear clothes. For example, if your arms are fully armored, you will not have the same range of mobility you would have without armor.

That said, we will not change the design of a costume to the point of inaccuracy just to make it more comfortable. We can alter some costumes to make them more wearable. If you are interested in having small design alterations made, let us know with your quote request and we will provide you with a sketch detailing the changes we can make. We reserve the right to refuse any adjustment that we feel makes the costume overall inaccurate. As an example, we have made Vincent Valentine boots with slightly shorter toe armor, to make walking more comfortable.

Our costumes are not mass produced, or of “Halloween” or “eBay” quality. We make high end costumes, like one could find used in movies. We make sturdy, finished garments, of the quality one would expect from ready to wear outlets. All of our garments are lovingly hand made in the Unites States, not in a third world sweatshop. Our prices reflect our dedication to professional workmanship, our talent and the artistry that goes into designing and fabricating costumes. We are trained skilled laborers, who love our jobs, and want to continue to provide you with the best possible product.

We understand that the highest quality garments may not be within everyone’s budget. When possible, we do offer different levels of pricing, so you can find the item that best suits your budget. We also itemize our quotes so you can pick and choose which items you need, and which quality levels.


Our shipping and handling rates are based on a chart we painstakingly created to be as accurate as possible, in order to estimate what it will cost to ship your package. Handling charges cover the cost of bubble wrap, building boxes for awkward shaped items, reinforcing boxes, photographing items and making sure your items are safe in transit. Mailing insurance is offered as well for an additional fee.

We do all of our domestic and international shipping through USPS Priority mail. International customers are responsible for any fees applied by customs upon receiving their package.


Late payments
Occasionally a customer on a payment plan may find that they can not get all of their payments in by the deadlines assigned to their order. If that is the case, contact us as soon as possible and we will work out a new deadline and payment plan with you! We understand that sometimes things happen in life that are beyond our control, and as long as you contact us ahead of time we will be happy to push back your order. The sooner you contact us about a problem with future payments the better, as it will provide you with more choices of a revised due date. If a customer finishes their payments late without contacting us first to discuss the situation we reserve the right to push back delivery to whatever our next available date is.

If you default on paying for your costume and no longer want it, you will not be issued a refund. In most cases we can discuss changing the outfit with you, to help you find a more affordable option if payments cannot be finished for the original commission. This is entirely at our discretion.


We reserve the right to photograph any of our creations on mannequins, or models when necessary, so that we have examples of our work for our portfolio. Models may be required to photograph certain items, such as tight bodysuits. We apply standard sanitary guidelines for any model wearing your costume. We are simply taking product shots for our portfolio, not doing cosplay photoshoots.

We welcome and love customer photo submissions, as the costume will always look best on the individual is was designed for.

Note: Our rules and guidelines are subject to change as we deem necessary. It is the responsibility of each customer to keep track of our rules and guidelines as their order progresses. Customers are expected to adhere to our guidelines as they appear above. If a serious change is made, current customers will be contacted to be notified. Most changes to the guidelines are for clarification purposes only.