We are not accepting new commissions at this time.


All items posted for sale are PRE-MADE and ship in 2-3 business days.


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THIS BLOG: please read!

A glimpse into the projects of This pictures are only indicitive of what I have TIME to post, and not of EVERYTHING I am working on.

There are ONLY limebarb commission projects posted to this site.I f you want to keep tabs on my costumes go to my personal webpage.
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We are no longer accepting new commissions.


All items listed on this site for sale are PRE-MADE. They ship in 2-3 business days. All proceeds go towards wrapping up final commission projects.


For current order inquires:

I once thought I would re-open for commissions but I’ve come to realize I’ve burnt out on large-scale cosplay commission projects after working full time doing so for a decade. I’m no longer considering new commissions – simply finalizing remaining projects and clean-up so I can finally close the doors on this chapter of my life that is limebarb. I have listed some PRE-MADE items that have been in storage in my studio. They are now going on sale so I can wrap up my remaining projects faster. If you have any questions or concerns about a previous commission please contact me at:

Contact Info Updates

Just updating everyone on the contact info, email is the same but I have a new number. All the few remaining limebarb orders were sent an update email at the beginning of December. I’ve heard back from most people, but not all. So if you didn’t notice, please double check your email! If not, our contact info is below! -barb

Responses usually arrive within 72 hours.

More pics coming soon! XD

I have a lot of finished projects to post that I have completed over the last few weeks! My photo processing has been piling up! So this week I will be working hard to get those completed ones up, and some more progress pics! – barb

Wonder Researcher

I'll be updating on Monday again with pics of the full outfit. It's all done, but I know I won't have time to sit down with lightroom till then! Work! Work! Work! (click to enlarge)


This project has been fun. the scarf is in a light lamé, with vinyl hand-made tassels. The skirt is a darker lamé with hand-made faux leather tassels on a faux leather, adjustable belt. The bag is a gold vinyl, with a totally sweet adjustable rainbow strap. I also made the red belt, which wasn’t actually a part of the order but I noticed it when scouring the reference pics for details so I didn’t want the outfit to be without!